Job Description

We want to build a disruptive European technology champion – a counterweight to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or AlibabaCloud. With Qubit9 you will design and implement blockchain solutions that move the needle in the real world. You will be part of a team of world-leading cloud and blockchain engineers building a distributed ecosystem of cloud services and data capabilities. The core engineering challenge is to manage this complexity while keeping our systems fast, safe, reliable, easy-to-use and scalable.

Why you will love your role

You will:

  • participate in the design and delivery of disruptive blockchain solutions
  • write high-performance and high-security code in blockchain-specific tech languages
  • collaborate within and across other experienced implementation teams
  • have the space and support to constantly improve yourself by keeping up to date with the latest technology trends
  • be able to enhance the technical knowledge and performance of your engineering team and mentor your colleagues while leading by example.

Why can’t we wait to have you on board

You have:

  • experience of large technological challenges
  • senior level experience in Blockchain development and broad knowledge of different Blockchain networks and technologies
  • worked previously with Cryptography
  • experience in frontend development and the latest backend technologies
  • hands-on attitude, top coding skills and ability & willingness to learn new ones as needed
  • great verbal and written communication
  • an agile approach to your work
  • passion and experience in leading, mentoring, and guiding a group of engineers
  • commitment to stay up to date with the latest releases & best practices
  • A plus: you will be an active contributor to Blockchain communities / Opensource