Product Manager Listings

Full Time @LATOKEN in Product & Design

Job Description

LATOKEN’s mission is to put financial life at fingertips. So everybody can use money to build and be a stakeholder of the future.

We are doing it to free people’s potential with the economic freedom to own and manage assets and money free of bureaucracy and corruption. So people can access money for their health, education, productivity, assets, and investments to become stakeholders of mankind’s future. This economic freedom can be spread with the adoption of cryptocurrency and assets worldwide.

Unit: Listings
Unit Mission: Get startups to digital market and fuel its evolution to serve clients
Role: Product Manager


  • Sharpen and shine the What and Why Vision of the product driving to LATOKEN’s mission: financial life at fingertips for people’s economic freedom.
  • Enlighten the road to hit the target with “a single bullet” with OKRs, hypothesis tests, backlog prioritization.
  • Highlight traction metrics, backlog progress, impediments, movement toward OKRs and the mission to put financial life at fingertips.
  • Ensure listings sales and up-sales targets are hit and the bar is raised quarterly.
  • Develop a product based on feedback loops from metrics, customer success chats, anecdotes from sales and market research to deliver outstanding customer experience
  • Grow team of sales champions through clear OKRs, bonuses, trainings, automatic replacement of underperformers (do 1-1 to check if there is a fit for other roles) and through inflow of talents across the world.
  • Develop and conduct online training program for Sales, Customer Success, Lead generation teams with tests, role plays and qualifications
  • Detect and fix process flaws with Zaps, CRM, ERP, BMPN, BDSM, 1-1,and stick and carrot. Build BizDev and partnership processes to mine and scale partnerships’ business models to generate leads and platform users
  • Grow international sales and partnership networks to localize product, learn and growth hack local markets
  • Make sure sales and other bonuses incentivised to propel sales, test new products, transmit client feedback to polish customer journey and product, leverage trainings, sticking to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism
  • Magnet visionary doers living to deliver products for people’s success. Give a first week hard test, erase non-culture fit patterns, coach with 1:1. Make teammates inspired with your vision and knowledge on how they move toward their lifetime mission, how they hit OKRs targets, and deliver financial life at fingertips. Be the hiring manager, and coach.


  • Has 3+ years experience in sales management or exchange listings or worked in equity crowdfunding platforms or VC firms 3+ years
  • Experience in tech startups or high pace international corporations, consultancy, VC or capital markets is a plus
  • Has an outstanding achievement in user growth or project/product management
  • Marketing or process automation experience is a plus
  • Starts with “why” and “what” vision of the destination to hit the target with a single bullet at all costs
  • Raises the bar, stretch OKRs and encourages to get out of comfort zone to hit the target
  • Seeks solutions, not excuses, and demands the same from others
  • Recognizes own failures, learns and triples efforts, never bothers to defend herself
  • Does not hide or retreat from problems, takes responsibility and gets shit done
  • Forces others to get shit done
  • Enjoys stress to solve hard problems and grow – diamonds are born in a star blast pressure
  • Solves hard problems.
  • Radically transparent – gives direct feedback, never backtalks.
  • Puts the interest of clients first, loyal and open-minded
  • Fully committed, does not betray and blur focus with side projects
  • Has roblem solving and critical reasoning skills (700+ GMAT level / won city level olympiad)
  • Knows the Hard things from Ben Horowitz, Ray Dalio, Jeff Sutherland, John Doerr etc and seek to learn from titans while always has her opinion


  • Build the future. Level up the financial system. Put it at fingertips, so everybody can use the money to build and be a stakeholder of the future.
  • Culture. Level up your and our culture until we and the world have advancement in culture deserving be spread with our products. We call it visionary doers culture.
  • Raise the bar. Any hire raises our bar, and you will be the bar raiser for us and newcomers.
  • Be stakeholder. You build a product helping people’s success. People pay for it and you get a stake of these future payments as a LATOKEN shareholder.
  • Lead. We are the largest in the world “IPO” platform for digital assets.

Feel a great fit – apply now or forward to a great candidate.