Job Description

Blockchain Tech Lead 

for NinjaPad

We are a brand new disrupting launchpad with the support of the tier 1 KOLs.

Currently, we are in the process of being built and getting ready on bigger crypto projects with considerable supporters in the crypto scene. Now we are looking for a critical role: Blockchain Tech Lead, who will bring this project to the next level from a technical point of view.

The Blockchain Technology Lead will provide technical leadership and be responsible for planning and overseeing the development of the whole Blockchain part. Together with the CTO, he will coordinate all aspects of work to complete the projects successfully.


 • Proven experience in Tech Lead role,

 • 4+ years of Software Development background, full-stack preferred,

 • 3+ years of Blockchain Development experience with NFTs, Minting, Token creation, Smart Contracts, web3, DAOs,

 • Experience in managing Blockchain solutions,

 • Good understanding of DeFi technologies and protocols,

 • Envisioning how different forms of technology could be used throughout the company

 • Experience in multiple of the following technologies/areas: Solidity, Rust, Web3, Java, Html, Python, NodeJS, Ganache, Truffle, Geth, Go, TypeScript, Back-end, and Front-end,

 • In-depth knowledge of Agile methodologies,

 • Ability to work independently work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment,

 • Ability to mentor others who are further down in their team,

 • Excellent organizational and time management skills,

 • English language proficiency.

Job Workload

 • Work closely with the CTO to support the vision, mission, and guiding principles of the company,

 • Lead, plan, and oversee the Blockchain Development,

 • Research, design, develop, and test blockchain technologies to find the best one and make the task successful,

 • Implement and integrate the latest improvements,

 • Maintain and extend current client- and server-side applications responsible for integration and business logic,

 • Document new solutions as well as maintain existing ones,

 • Ensure the team has clear goals and expectations to do the job with excellence,

 • Guide and mentor developers, be able to build excellence and autonomous teams,

 • Bring effective hiring practices to create the right team to further the company’s aims,

 • Be involved in the global blockchain community.

This is a full-time remote position. The salary range depends on the previous experience.